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No. 4 Bombing & Gunnery School Fingal Ontario​​
The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan’s No. 4 Bombing & Gunnery School was located at Fingal (Southwold Township) Ontario. It was operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force from November 25 1940 for 1545 days until it was closed on February 17 1945. In addition to the ground training that aircrew received at Fingal, No. 4 BGS operated bombing ranges located at Dutton, Melbourne, Frome and Tempo as well as a marine section at Port Stanley and gunnery ranges on Lake Erie.

Aircraft used at this school included the Westland Lysander, Fairey Battle, Northrop Nomad, Avro Anson and Bristol Bolingbroke.
No. 4 BGS had an impressive physical presence with six steel framed hangars, a large drill hall and 50 other buildings including h-huts, canteens, repair shops, recreation facilities as well as others. The school operated with three hard surfaced runways.

Over 4000 aircrew from the Commonwealth Countries (Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia) graduated from No. 4 BGS. Another 2000 aircrew from other countries such as Norway and Free France graduated as well.

With the exception of Air Gunners, all other aircrew trades received initial advanced training elsewhere and then topped up their training at the bombing and gunnery schools. Air Gunners received all of their advanced training at these schools. Aircrew trades included Observer, Air Gunner, Wireless Air Gunner,, Navigator/Bomber, Air Bomber and Flight. (See attached chart for time allotted for training for each trade).

A station magazine known as the Fingal Observer was published at No. 4 BGS for the duration of time that it was open. Digital copies of this station magazine can be seen on the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum web site at ,
The Royal Canadian Air Force continued operations at No. 4 Bombing and Gunnery School under a number of other names until it was closed in 1961. The Province of Ontario took possession of the property.

To see an exceptional No. 4 BGS web site, go to . (no contact information on web site).

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