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Stuart Johnson Oral History Video
​ Stuart Johnson is a long time member and volunteer at the Commonwealth Air Training Museum.  Stuart with wife Donna, visited hundreds of cemeteries where World War II service men and women were buried or memorialized. They visited almost every country in the world where military operations occurred during World War II. With the wealth of knowledge and pictures collected from these trips, Stuart and Donna made presentations to dozens of groups telling the story of those who died together with important history for each location. Stuart made many Remembrance Day presentations at the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum.​​

Stuart Johnson was too young to `join-up’ in World War II and subsequently experienced it as a young boy living in rural Manitoba. He 

had one sister who joined the Canadian Navy and two brothers who joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, of which one was killed in action overseas.

Stuart sat down with staff at the museum in December 2000 to record his Oral History of World War II experiences. His video is a collection of touching and informative remembrances  covering many topics including a family’s reaction to having a loved one in the armed forces and losing a loved one to the war, how the armed forces in training affected local life, rationing, collecting tin foil and other important recyclable items to help Canada’s manufacturers produce essential war items as well as other interesting stories.

Stuart Johnson’s 40 minute Oral History Video is a valuable experience for us all. It can be seen on YouTube at:

Our museum webmaster, Bill Hillman, has published one of Stuart Johnson's Remembrance Day Tributes on the museum web site ( in two parts. Stuart's presentation can be seen at: and