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Winnie Field - Video Oral History
Our second Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum video oral history features Winnifred ``Winnie’’ Field. Winnie was born and raised in London England. She joined the British army as a young woman during World War II. She talks about the beating London took from the infamous German V1 and V2 flying bombs and how she, and her brave friends and neighbours dealt with this threat. Also how she met her husband who was posted to England with the Canadian Army and how after the war, she emmigrated to Canada as one of those famous war brides who had to deal with the culture shock of learning to appreciate living with a new family in a new country.  Her story is touching and humorous.

This video is hosted with great skill by the museum’s Kathy Sheppard who at the time the videos was recorded was a new employee hired to undertake this project. Winnie Field’s video can be seen on YouTube at: