The Quebec Conference of 1944 was the second meeting in Quebec City between British and American allies to discuss military matters related to World War II. The major players at these conferences were Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President of the United States, Franklin Roosevelt. Respective staff members took part in the discussions. The Quebec Conference took place between September 12 and 16 1944. Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King hosted the event and attended a number of social functions but did not take part in the conference’s scheduled discussions. Agreements were reached on the following topics:

          - Allied occupation zones in a defeated Germany
          - the Morgenthau Plan to demilitarize Germany
          - U.S Lend-Lease to Britain issues
          - the role of the Royal Navy in the war against Japan

The wives of Churchill and Roosevelt, Clementine and Eleanor also attended the conference. A donation to the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum yielded the attached photographs taken at the conference. Photo captions with quotation marks are official press release captions released with the photos at the time.

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Above - ``A Quiet Chat - Seated on the terrace at the Citadel overlooking the broad sweep of the St. Lawrence below, Mrs. Churchill, wife of the British Prime Minister, chats with Canada's Prime Minister as the two await the rest of the party before meeting a battery of press and movie photographers. A vigilant National Film Board photographer caught this exclusive photo.'' 

Below - Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, RCAF Air Chief Marshall Breadner and Clementine Churchill at the Citadelle in Quebec City with two other gentlemen.

Left - Prime Ministier Winston Churchill with  gentlemen and Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.

Rught - ``Top Men at Quebec - The President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain together with combined Chiefs of Staff pose for photographers on the Terrace of the Citadel at the conclusion of their joint conferences in Quebec. Seated, left right, are: General G.C. Marshall, Admiral W.D. Leahy, the President, the Prime Minister, Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke, Field Marshall Sir John Dill. Standing at the back, from left to right are: Major General J. Hollis, General Sir Hastings L. Lamay, Admiral E.J. King, Marshal of the RAF Sir Charles Portal, General H.H. Arnold, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Andrew B. Cunningham.''

Above - ``L to R: Air Chief Marshall Sir Charles Portal, (Canadian Minister of Defence for Air) Air Marshal C.G. Power, General Sir Alan Brooke, Wing Commander Gibson.''

Left - ``On The Air - Speaking to the Canadian people over the CBC network, Elanor Roosevelt and Mrs. Churchill chat together for photographers before they deliver their messages. They spoke from the radio room of the CBC at the Chateau Frontenac Wednesday evening, just before attending the reception of Canada's Prime Minister there.''

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Event - The Quebec Conference 1944

``Old Friends Meet Again - First to greet the British Prime Minister on his arrival in Quebec City for the Second Quebec Conference was Canada's Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King, who boarded the Churchill train as it came to a stop, welcomed Mr. and Mrs. Churchill to Canada. Then all three walked over to the automobile of the United States President on an adjacent siding, and the entire party proceeded to the Citadel, where they are guests of His Excellency the Governor General and Her Highness Princess Alice during the duration of the Conference. Photo shows Winston Churchill, Mr. King and Mrs. Churchill as they proceed to greet the President.''

Above Left  - ``The Prime Minister's Reception - Following their guests up the broad sweep of the marble stairs at the Chateau Frontenac the Prime Minister and Mrs. Roosevelt, followed by Mrs. Churchill and the Lieft-Governor of Quebec, Sir Eugene Fiset, proceed to the banquet hall, where they sat with more than 300 quests who attended the Prime Minister's reception.''

Left - President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his customized presidential automobile passing the Cenotaph in Ottawa.  (There is no record that FDR visited Ottawa before or after the 1944 conference. He did visit Ottawa in 1943 after the first Quebec Conference and this photo could be of that event.) 

Right - United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his Presidential Automobile with Britain's Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the train station in Quebec City.