The Tiger Moth was the primary elementary training aircraft for the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan early in World War II. It was designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and first flew on October 26 1931.It was built by the de Havilland Aircraft Company in Great Britain and Canada. A number of variants were used by 25 air forces worldwide during its lifetime.

De Havilland Canada was located in Downsview Ontario. This facility opened with the production of 25 Tiger Moths for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Production shifted to building fuselages for export to Great Britain.

The Canadian version, the DH 82C  of the Tiger Moth included modification for the country’s climate conditions with the inclusion of a sliding Perspex canopy and exhaust based heater. Other modifications included a reinforced tail wheel, hand operated brakes and modifications to the undercarriage to prevent the aircraft from tipping forward while braking. The DH 82C was powered by a 145 horsepower de Havilland Gipsy Major piston engine. 

De Havilland Canada produced a total of 1,548 aircraft in a variety of versions of the Tiger Moth DH 82C. 1,523 DH 82Cs were built for the RCAF including a number of Menasco Moth and 200 Lend-Lease PT-24 varients. The Tiger Moth was also used by the Royal Canadian Navy. 

In addition to being the primary elementary training aircraft  in the BCATP until replaced by the Fairchild Cornell, the Tiger Moth was also utilized for elementary radio operator instruction.

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Elementary Flying Training Schools  which used the de Havilland Tiger Moth for training

No. 1 - Malton ON

No. 2 - Fort William ON

No. 4 - Windsor Mills QC

No. 4 - St. Francois Xavier

             de Brmpton QC

No. 5 - Lethbridge AB

No. 6 - Prince Albert SK

No. 6 - High River AB

No. 8 - Vancouver BC

No. 8 - Boundary Bay BC​

No. 9 - St. Catherines ON

​No. 10 Hamilton ON

No. 10 Pendleton ON

No. 14 Portage la Pririe MB

No. 15 Regina SK

No. 16 Edmonton AB

No. 17 Stanley NS

No. 18 Boundary Bay BC

No. 19 Virden MB

No. 20 Oshawa ON

No. 23 Davidson (Yorkton) SK

No. 24 Abbotsford BC​

No. 25 Assiniboia SK

No. 26 Neepawa MB

No. 31 RAF DeWinton AB

No. 32 RAF Bowden AB

No. 33 RAF Caron SK

No. 34 RAF Assiniboia SK

No. 35 RAF Neepawa MB

No. 36 RAF Pearce Alberta

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